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- Solar and wind power help to improve water security. Wind energy is very environmentally-friendly because it uses less water than coal when producing electricity, said climate expert and author Risto Isomäki (picture up left) at Cleantech Finland media breakfast on Wednesday. Cleantech Finland Media Breakfast - Water

Isomäki estimated that the solar energy revolution is happening now. Recent news claims that electricity from solar power is now cheaper than that produced by conventional ways. This is good news for water resources. 

Finnish ICT expertise also helps to sustain water security. Monitoring waterworks and sewage processing plants secures water supply.

- We use radio modems for the remote control and monitoring pumping stations and water reservoirs because radio modems are highly reliable and suitable for a wide range of remote control applications, said Samuli Koro (middle), Satel Oy.

Without electricity water pumps and monitoring systems may be shut down. However, Satel’s monitoring systems can survive months without external electricity - and with solar power Satel can set up strong stand alone systems.

According to Bloomberg, solar panel prices fell by nearly 50 %  in 2011 - and now they cost just one-quarter of what they did four years ago. Declining prices mean growing demand for solar power in water industry.

But how to enhance water resources across developed and developing countries?

Finnish chemical giant Kemira is applying chemistry to solve water problems.

- Desalination, water recycling and wastewater recycling are ways to get more water, said Kaj Jansson, Kemira (up right).

And as FAO’s (Food and Agriculture Organization) specialist Javier Mateo Sagasta has said: “Water reuse is a crucial factor to implement a sustainable management of the water cycle”.

Together Finnish water experts can take a realistic approach to solving global and local water problems.

Cleantech Finland discussed about water with journalists, organizations and companies on Wednesday morning at Gallery Kalhama-Piippo in Helsinki.

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